Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

In a time when we cannot be certain of what is to come, we turn towards our inner compass to find the way forward. Navigating in the present moment is, without a doubt, incredibly challenging, but the tenets at our core help us on the road ahead. From the beginning an ethos of fewer, better has driven every aspect of our brand. We carefully consider our design, material, and production processes for a greater impact on your wardrobe and a smaller impact on the environment. On the journey ahead, we will continue on the path of quality over quantity.


When designing any product, we first ask ourselves whether it is timeless, functional, and versatile - an item that makes you feel beautiful year after year.


Quality is the key to product longevity and is carefully considered for each product hand-in-hand with design. Every piece in our collection meets a high standard defined by Italian craftsmanship, integrity, and best in class materials. We are committed to supporting our regional economy by choosing not to outsource assembly to other countries; instead we exclusively work with local artisans in Sorrento, Italy who hand cut and sew each piece making it a one-of-a-kind from beginning to end. 


We believe that an essential piece of sustainability is getting the most use possible out of your Ferdinando Fusco pieces. To that end, we commit to helping you keep them in your closet through thoughtful design, upholding quality, inspiring rewear season after season, and supporting local economy.

Divas enjoying the Land of the Mermaids

It has always been assumed that Sorrento was named after the mythical mermaids who, as legend has led us to believe, used to live in the very waters overlooking the city.
The mermaids are known to attract sailors with their beauty and voice, but what happened here time passing by was quite the opposite.
Famous mermaids like Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis felt in love with these places. They both loved spending their holidays in the Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast. 
To walk the narrow streets, climb the step or to jump on and off their boats they were wearing  coast inspired comfortable dresses  without
never compromising the elegance.
Oversized sunglasses, colorful bandanas, embellished sandals, 
blue and white striped t-shirts.
These two mermaids inspired a timeless trend to enjoy their holidays 
while always being paparazzi ready.
"I love looking at vintage black and white photos portraying divas having fun in the Amalfi Coast. Nothing was left to chance in their looks. The eye for details, that effortless feeling. Most of my favorites are from the 60's and 70's and the ensemble they wore are still looking so modern and chic"
-Ferdinando Fusco.
jaqueline kennedy amalfi coast
May 13, 2020 — Ferdinando Fusco