Snakes Caftan
Snakes Caftan

Snakes Caftan

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Our Promise

Slow Fashion

Most "sustainable" brands still outsource their production from sweatshops in India or factories in China. Either their fabric is organic or their plastic is recycled but the production is unchanged. This is the only way they can produce thousands for the masses, and not for the individual shopper.

Our promise is that your garment was produced in an atelier in Italy.

Support Local

Made in Italy has become a generic statement untrue to many brands. Every step of our process from design, to material sourcing, to production is exclusively from Italy. We work with local artisans and seamstresses from the small towns along the coast and up the mountains.

Our promise is that we support our community by creating jobs that honor their culture and generational traditions.


100% linen, cotton, and silk are the ingredients from the earth that we use to dress our bodies. Always breathable and comfortable. Buttons are made of shells or coconut. Never find synthetic polyester, nylon, or spandex.